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Kuta, Nusa Dua, Gobleg, Pemuteran, Ubud, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno & Canggu.

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So, we arrived in Bali on 6th April at around 6am. The airport was small but swarming with taxi men pestering the arrivals hall. We had been told about this by another traveller and how they will massively rip people off, so not being familiar with the currency and cost, we quickly pushed past them and ordered ourselves an UBER instead, which we later came to learn, is illegal in Bali. 😳 Oops.

Anyway, we were taken to our first stop in Bali which was a guesthouse called Red Doorz in Kuta. The place was okay"ish". I wouldn't opt to stay there again, but it was cheap and you get what you pay for. We took a walk over the road to a big shopping mall, where we withdrew some money and felt super rich once again, due to the fact that we were withdrawing millions. The shopping mall seemed really good, with lots of different types of shops including a superstore and cinema. We picked up a few bits and headed back to our guesthouse to pay for our stay.

From a long transfer, we were pretty shattered and ended up going back to bed for a bit. Later, we took a walk in to the centre to check it out. The streets seemed quite busy with lots of different shops and restaurants. There was a big variation of different food but mainly focused on western food. We briefly checked out the beach. It wasn't great to be honest. It was very busy, especially considering it was pretty late. There was also a lot of dirt but the sea itself looked really nice. Also, there were a few surfers in the sea, but pretty far away so we didn't stay for long, just enough for a small walk along the shore. A random guy actually attempted to sell us a bow and arrow. God knows how he thinks he will ever sell them to holiday makers who have no chance of ever catching a flight with it in their luggage. Crazy really. We looked forward to see the other crazy things that Bali had to offer.

90_20170407_152534.jpg90_20170406_171912.jpgSnapchat-1506272661.jpg Snapchat-1960873485.jpg

After that, we went to get a bite to eat at a nice cafe called Kopi Kua. They served amazing coffee and the food was also great. We ended up walking around for quite a while, until it was late and had a chilled out night.


The next day, we were up early to get breakfast. It wasn't served at our guesthouse, so we went to the supermarket in the shopping mall opposite and just picked up a fruit salad. After that, we were going to explore some more. We had just started walking down the road and were approached by a man who handed us a scratch card each. Mel scratched hers to reveal one of four prizes, all of which seemed decent. He basically told us that to collect the prize, we would need to visit a certain resort and spend some time there (1 hour minimum). Mel knew what it was all about and quickly briefed me on what timeshare was. The thing was that I had also won some t-shirts which would make for decent nightwear for Mel for a little while (nothing like a freebie) 🙈 The guy also would pay for the taxi there and back which was pretty far (Nusa Dua) which meant that we got to see some more of the island, a free lunch was included at the resort and Mel still got whichever prize afterwards. With only time to kill, we agreed to go along and get our freebies. Also, the guy made commission on getting us to go, so it was kind of a good deed really. 😏

We actually spent a while there (about 3 hours). Just as Mel had thought, it was all about timeshare. It was pretty interesting to be fair and would be something that we would maybe consider down the road when we actually have jobs to pay for it. 😜 Anyway, we got our free lunch which was really good, free drinks, a little tour, free t-shirts and Mel's prize was a book of vouchers, so we were pretty pleased that we went along.


After we got back, we decided to go to the cinema as it was now late and we watched a film called 'Get Out'. It was a really good low budget film and I would recommend watching it!

That evening, we went for a nice long walk and stopped off for some taco's. Kuta was a nice place to visit. It was very busy, but we were after more of a secluded spot to spend a few days, so we only spent a couple of days there. The next day, we had booked an UBER taxi to take us up to Gobleg (more central to Bali and much more secluded). This small village is located on high ground. From the village you can see beautiful paddy fields (rice fields). It is far cooler than other places in Bali as it is situated amongst mountains.

We had lots of trouble getting a taxi to take us that far, as three different people arrived and then refused to take us because of the distance. It was a 3 hour drive to be fair. I quickly got online to check out our options and saw that the most well know taxi company in Kuta was one named 'Blue Bird'. Many different posts online suggested this company for trips around Bali due to the certified meter meaning that customers pay a fair price.

So, we walked down the road a little and quickly spotted the Blue Bird beacon on top of a taxi. We flagged it down and negotiated a good price with the driver.

On the way, Mel slept the majority of the trip whilst I took in some of the amazing views of Bali.

Getting closer to Gobleg, we quickly passed the Twin Lakes which looked very impressive, so we planned to go back that way at some point to experience the amazing view.

We arrived after miles of winding roads. The driver was obviously quite familiar with the roads because he didn't find the need to slow down around thin roads going around cliff edges.

Finally, we arrived at our hostel. The view was so special!


We had booked to stay here for 2 days. The checkin was simple and the staff seemed very nice. We decided to take a trek through and around the paddy fields to reach Munduk waterfall the next day. At night, we sat outside our room and stared out in to the pitch black view, hoping to catch a shooting star as I have never seen one. There were parts of the sky covered in stars, whilst others were cloudy. After a while, we gave up, mainly due to the fact that the mosquitos had come out for their dinner.

So the next day, we got up early, got breakfast and set off with a hand drawn map from the guy who ran the guesthouse. He told us that the full trek should take around 5 hours, something we were dubious of. Pretty much straight away, we noticed that the trek was not going to be like your normal trek through the Derbyshire Dales back in England.

For a start, the decline was crazy! We quickly got lost and found ourselves sliding down steep, slippery paths near the mountain on our backsides. Okay, maybe Mel managed to do it on foot but when she saw me sliding past her 10 times faster, on my A€$¥, her face was a picture!

We saw so many interesting things, the paddy fields, men climbing trees barefoot, small waterfalls and some interesting wildlife.


At one point, we spotted somebody and noticed that they had a small stand with some drinks on. We asked if we could get some drinks from them and sat down. Their whole family came out and sat with us. They gave us about 3 hands of bananas, for no reason but to be kind apparently. We didn't stay for long. Whilst there, they were so kind and really showed a lot of interest. They had never been anywhere other than their own tiny village.

Some parts of the trek were really tricky and generally very dangerous. Something we didn't realise until we were there really. Eventually we got to the waterfall. It was amazing. Mel had never seen a waterfall before and said later that she was close to tears. The pictures don't do it much justice.


After that, we decided to walk back to our guesthouse via the main road, not the path set out on the map we had. 1. Because it was to dangerous and 2. the main reason, we just couldn't be bothered. By the time we got back to the hostel, we had been out for just over 4 hours anyway.

We grabbed some food at the guesthouse. There wasn't much of another option as the village was so secluded, which was actually a nice touch and gave the location a bit more of a special feel to it. When we went to pay, we realised that we were in need of some extra cash, so the guy at our guesthouse told me to jump on his scooter and off we went to the next village about 15 minute drive away to use the cash point. There I was, on the back of a random persons bike, driving around streets I didn't know, around cliff edges with no helmet. It was great. Some things, I hope I really don't forget, hence this blog.

The next day we got a ride (from a friend of the guesthouse owner) to Pemuteran. A small laid back village located Northwest of Bali on the shoreline. This is where I chose to book a place for Mel's birthday. We booked a place in the same area for two days before we were booked to stay in the resort I chose. The drive took about 2 hours and once again, Mel fell asleep for most of it. I really don't know how she does it. She really doesn't know how I stay awake.

We arrived at our next guesthouse (Bagus home stay) at around 2pm. The room was great as we were given an upgrade for nothing because it was available, however, the pool was empty and still being filled up.


So, after settling in, we went for a walk to explore the area. We found ourselves at the beach. Once there, we saw a nice resort and decided to relax there for a little while. After that, we went back to guesthouse and Mel went to sleep again as she said that she wasn't feeling very well. When she woke up, I was sat outside, by the pool. She said how she had woke up to find a baby cow standing outside of our room, but that it had now wondered off 😂. Sure love, you saw a cow🤔😏.

The next day, we were woken up to the sound of none other than moooooo! 🐂 Not the usual rooster morning call 🦃 which we have kind of got used to from various places around Asia. We quickly noticed that the hose being used to fill the pool had been switched off and that the pool wouldn't be in use today, so we went for breakfast and then decided to head back to the nice resort where we had been the night before. We asked if we could use their pool, hired some towels for all of £1.50 each and had an amazing day spent doing nothing at the poolside.


We also decided to stay at that resort for lunch and Face time our families to brag and show them how beautiful the place was. We both caught the sun quite a bit whilst we were there. Later that evening, we went to a "restaurant" aka, somebody's house with a table outside. We ordered a meal each. Mel had spaghetti bolognaise and it consisted of pieces of beef steak, cut in to small pieces with some cherry tomatoes and spaghetti. Not quite what I think she had in mind.

The next day, after breakfast at our guesthouse we went to the pool again and drank loads of cocktails! Mel used her upcoming birthday as an excuse to get more cocktails. We stayed there all day and when we got back to our guesthouse, the pool was finally full and so I went for a bit more of a swim 😄


At night, we realised that we needed some cash and so we went for a long walk to find an ATM. We found a nice restaurant and stayed for some BBQ food. Mel felt unwell again whilst we were there and so we ended up going back to the guesthouse. That night, Mel woke up in. The middle of the night and noticed a random, big lump on her neck, near her ear which we figured was an ear infection, so she took some amoxicillin for the next week and was taking them for her birthday. Luckily we had decided to drink that day instead of her birthday because she didn't want to be hungover the day after her birthday, so it meant that she didn't miss out on enjoying some cocktails.

The next day, we walked to Kinaara resort which was the place which I had booked for Melissa's birthday as a surprise. It was only a 15 minute walk from the last place and so it was a nice walk, even though Mel didn't feel well and the heat made it tough, we were both too excited to get to the resort.


When we got there, we received a great welcome, even though our room wasn't ready yet, we were given flower necklaces, shown around the beautiful resort and taken to the bar in the middle of the pool (which had water from hot springs in it). At the bar, we were given a free welcome drink. We decided to get some lunch and soon after, our room was ready.


It was fair that the room wasn't ready, because I had requested for something special for Melissa. They had decorated the bed in our room with towel swans and written 'I love you Milly' using flower petals. They did a fantastic job and she was seriously impressed. I was very pleased.


The room was also fantastic and was in the best spot of the resort, central to everything. We noticed that the room was actually the one which they used in the brochures. We could tell from the view from the door of our room. The place was heaven. They had beautiful grounds and a spa. In traditional Bali style, our room was in a lumbung hut and had a shower outside. Even better, the shower let out fresh water from hot springs, rather than the usual sewage water which we have been attempting to wash in for the last 4 months.

I booked to stay at Kinaara Resort for three days. We also had breakfast and our evening meals included which was a nice touch. The food was perfect. We ate so much of it 😊 we barely left the resort. We both loved it there. The days were spent by the pool and at night time, we would go for a meal and then sit outside, watching the sky. The area we were in was quite remote which resulted in an amazing sky in the evening. The bed was also very comfortable which meant, we had amazing sleeps! 😄

For Melissa's birthday, we had a very chilled out day. It basically went breakfast, sunbathe, spa, dinner. Chilling out by the pool was the majority of the day. The water was so nice and fresh that you would often see swift birds swooping down around you to have a sip. We also randomly watched the film IT (Stephen King) as I had never seen it and Mel demanded that I had to.


The staff at the resort learnt our names and were ridiculously polite. We opted for two hours worth of massages at the spa. That part wasn't quite as we expected. They were very rough and we left feeling a little bit like we had both been beaten up. The best part of our stay though, was Melissa's birthday dinner. Again, I had arranged for a special surprise. It was a candle lit dinner.

When we went to the restaurant that evening, they told Melissa that she had a special dinner this evening. They then walked us to a secluded part of the resort in the gardens. They had set up a candle lit table in a private garden with an archway especially covered in flowers as the entrance. The whole area was decorated with lanterns and flower petals everywhere. They spelt out 'welcome' at the entrance, 'I love you' beside our table and they also had made a heart shape with flower petals around our table. The meal itself was also amazing. We both opted for steak and I ordered some Cinderella mock-tails for her, to show that she is my princess. 🧀


The next day, it was time for us to leave Pemuteran and head to Ubud. The drive would take about 2 hours and so we decided that it made sense to book a taxi for the day to take us to some special places around Bali and finish off in Ubud where we had booked to stay for a week. Our taxi driver was called Ketut. He was really nice and explained to us how babies names were chose in Bali. Basically Balinese people name their children depending on the order they are born. 1st is Wayan, Putu or Gede. 2nd is Made or Kadek. 3rd is Nyoman or Komang. 4th is Ketut. After the fourth child, they repeat the process. Me and Mel find this crazy. They also give people a new name after they die. It's crazy! Google it.

Anyway, our first stop was at a viewpoint overlooking the Twin Lakes (Lake Buyan and Tamblingan, separated by a rainforest-covered hill making for a natural, beautiful view) which we had spotted on our way up to the North of the Island.


After that, we went to Ulun Danu Temple (a big deal to the Balinese folk, it is a water temple located on the shores of Lake Bratan in the mountains. It is also pictured on their 50,000 rupiah notes).


We also went to a coffee plantation where we tried many different types of coffee and tea which were grown at that particular plantation. We were also walked around the plantation and saw some of the different plants, as well as the Asian palm civet (like a wild cat) which are part of the process for making the famous Kopi Luwak. (The worlds most expensive coffee) Basically, the civet's eat something known as coffee cherries, they then poop them out and the part digested cherries are then used to make Kopi Luwak. Weird I know. 🤔


Once we arrived in Ubud, we received a warm welcome at our next guesthouse (Sahad We booked this place for a week. But Mel was still feeling quite unwell and we had booked a fan room which wasn't ideal. We were also kind of far from the centre and the weather was boiling, so she found it pretty tough to deal with.


We actually ended up spending a few days in the hot room and only really got about three days out of our visit to spend doing things. One day we went for a walk around Ubud centre. To be quite honest, it wasn't as nice as we had expected from what people had told us. Sure there were nice shops and restaurants, but it was dirty and the paths were a mess. The traffic was also super busy.


Mel withdrew some money from a cash point and we visited Ubud Monkey forest. The monkeys there were the Balinese long-tailed macaque. They weren't what we were used to from were we lived near Gibraltar (Barbary macaques). These monkeys were much bigger and much more vicious. We were very cautious when we were there, as there were lots of warnings about how to act around the monkeys. They would scream at each other, fight and were known to bite people, so we just "admired" them at a distance. The park itself was really good. It was really big and we spent quite a while walking around. Well worth the visit.


After the monkey forest, we found a nice place to go for lunch. Bali really had a great selection of food! They had a lot of different things to choose from. When I was paying, I noticed that Melissa's bank card wasn't where it usually was. I asked her if she had it, but she couldn't find it, so we went to the cash point where she had earlier withdrawn some money. There was a note to 'Melanie' (Mel's bank card doesn't say her name is Melissa. It says Mel, and so we thought that this person who found the card had assumed that Melanie was her name). The letter was stating that somebody had her bank card and the hostel where this person was staying. We walked to the hostel which took quite a while, something that Mel could have done without given how she was feeling. Once we arrived at the hostel, the receptionist contacted the girl to come meet us. Well, it turns out that the card wasn't Mel's. Some how, some other woman who happened to be called Melanie had left her card in the machine. What are the chances?! So, we left and Mel cancelled her card. Luckily we have alternatives for this kind of situation because we are super prepared ;)

The next day, Mel was feeling really bad and so she told me to go out and do some exploring so that my day wasn't wasted. I went in to Ubud centre and found myself at a bar called Habitat where I met a Swiss guy who I hung out with for a short time. On my way back, I spotted a friendly face. A guy from Sweden who we had stayed with two months ago in a hostel in Koh Phangan where we celebrated the full moon party.


Whilst walking down the street, we both just looked at each other and pointed and in unison both exclaimed 'Koh Phangan!' We decided to go to Buddha bar to catch up and have a few drinks. It was another one of those crazy moments where you feel like the world is small for a moment. I ended up staying out a little longer than initially planned. Mel was pleased because she had been so unwell and I would have been very bored in our room whilst she admittedly would have just complained to me. Although, by the look of things, she got pretty bored too....


The next day, Mel was still feeling unwell. We tried to venture out to do a small clothes shop because Mel had some birthday money given to her to spend; and the clothes that we had were at a point when they were a little worse for wear. The shop didn't really go to plan. I found a few bits, like T-shirts And shorts etc. But Mel didn't have much luck, or energy to bother. So we pretty much did nothing more.

The next day, Mel said that she felt a little bit better, so we booked to climb Mt. Batur for the next morning. Mount Batur is an active volcano located at the centre of two concentric calderas. We chilled out in the day time and got an early night because we had to be ready to leave our guesthouse at 2am.

We were collected from the guesthouse and taken to a small restaurant for about 2:30am where they gave us coffee and a biscuit. Pretty random really. It took us about 2 hours in total to arrive at the bottom of Mt. Batur. Once we were there, we noticed the sky! It was like nothing either of us had ever seen. Obviously a few factors such as the time and location contributed to a sky full of stars which appeared to be so close to us. It looked like it wasn't real to be honest.

We were each given a torch and set off on our way. It was pitch black and we started by walking through a forest. After about an hour, we were struggling. We had to reach the summit at 6am to catch the sunrise and the whole trip took about two hours, so when we wanted to stop for 5 minutes, it really wasn't an option. Well we did manage it just in time. Literally as we sat to get our breath back, we watched the sun come up over Danau Batur Lake. It was an amazing view!



After our "lunch" which consisted of two pieces of dry bread and one boiled egg, we walked over to the centre of the volcano to check out the lava and smoke. In all honesty, we weren't overly impressed. We saw a tiny bit of smoke and somebody lit a cigarette off a boiling rock. I don't know if life is just too interesting for us and so we aren't so impressed by amazing things anymore, or if it was just not that amazing. By the time we got back to our guesthouse, it was about 10am and we were exhausted. Their is not much to report back. Once again, we didn't do a fat lot.

Early the next morning, we were due to travel to Gili Trawangan (aka Gili T). Our bus took a while to come and so we decided to have a beer each. Well one led to four and by the time our bus arrived, we were a little bit merry to say the least. On the way to Padangbai, where we would get a boat to Gili T, the driver was crazy. We both were desperate for the toilet and the crazy driving (maybe four beers also) made it unbearable. We had to ask for the driver to pull over at a petrol station where we ran off like little children to go. Everybody on the bus clearly didn't appreciate that we did that. 😏 whoops.

Once we got to the pier, we had to wait a little while amongst other travellers who were also waiting to visit the Gili Islands or Lombok. Locals would go around trying to sell you different things (food and drinks). They were also collecting any bottles for recycling and got quite competitive with each other.

The boat journey was about 2 hours long. It was very squashed, they really squeeze on as many people as possible. The seats are also leather and so, in hot weather, it isn't the most comfortable journey. Anywho, when we arrived, we were pretty early for the check in time at our guesthouse and we also needed to use google maps to help us walk to where we were staying, so we decided to sit down first and get something to eat. On our way to find somewhere to eat, we noticed quite quickly that the main mode of transport on Gili T is horse and carriage. Mel didn't think this was very nice. The horses looked underweight and exhausted. The island itself was tiny and you could walk around it easily. It didn't make sense for people to use the horses to get from one place to another, just sheer laziness. The horses were also used to carry heavy items around the island, which did make more sense because it couldn't be carried by hand, but a moped or small vehicle of some kind could have done the job. Or maybe even if the owners fed and cared for the horses better, it wouldn't have seemed so unkind. Just our opinion of it though.

We found a place to eat called Manta. It was also a resort and Scuba school and was located in a busy spot, right near the pier on the sea front. Mel found that they did Jacket potatoes which really excited her and I ordered a burger. We connected to the wifi and looked at some things to do for all of the day that we were spending here. After a while, we checked in to our guesthouse (Akalanka) The air conditioning at out place was amazing. We were so pleased because our last place only had a fan and we had really struggled. Mel was feeling a lot better than she had done on previous day, but wasn't quite 100% at this point. By this point, it was pretty late and we decided to have a quick power nap before heading out for the night. About 2 hours later, we woke up and it was pouring down with rain! The roads in Gili Trawangan were basically dirt tracks and so we decided against the night out which we had planned. We both got cleaned up and decided to venture out to the shop to pick up some toiletries which we needed. We got soaked and almost slipped over a few times. We also got bit by mosquitos quite a bit and so decided that staying in was the best idea.

The next day, Mel had found a view point which she wanted to visit. She said that it overlooked the entire island. Well, after walking for a while, it came to our attention that there was no viewpoint. Mel had obviously been reading something else about some other place. Anyway, we decided to visit the 'four swings' instead. The four swings, quite obviously are four different swings 😵 (located in the sea). We went pretty off road to get there. It was boiling and it felt like we walked for ages, but was nice too.


Finally, we arrived at the four swings where we decided to take some pictures.the swings look pretty shallow, but they weren't. You had to go out pretty far to get to them. It was also not very easy getting on to the swings. It made for a nice picture though. 😍😍

After that, we went for drinks and decided to visit the turtle sanctuary. On the Gili Islands, turtles are very common. They lay their eggs on the sea shore which leaves the eggs in danger, so the people take the eggs and care for them until the turtles are big enough to go back in to the water and defend themselves against any predators.


That evening, we went for a meal at a steak restaurant. The food wasn't great. We both had a steak baguette and didn't really rate it. That night, the weather was terrible again, so we stayed in again. The next morning was our day to leave Gili T. We hadn't actually originally planned on going to Gili T because it was the party island and we were more after a relaxed, romantic island, however it turns out that you can't go straight from Bali to Gili Meno and that you must get to Gili T and then get another boat to Gili Meno, so why not book a couple of nights in Gili T. Anyway, we packed our things and headed towards the pier quite early to find our cheapest option to get over to Gili Meno. It turned out that the best option was a public boat which you would book an hour before departure. The boat was never full because the islands were so small that it meant that there were never that many people travelling. We had missed the early boat and so decided to find somewhere to chill out because we had our big backpacks and it was a hot day, so we didn't really fancy walking around for hours. We decided to go back to Manta, as we knew we liked it and the location was good for a bit of people watching. As we say down, Mel noticed some people that we had met whilst staying on Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand. It was two young girls (we mentioned them earlier on in the blog) who had been sharing a dorm room with us. We could not believe that they had made their way this far, or that they were still together. They were having some trouble with their banks and had lost bank cards, which was no surprise, but other than that, they were doing okay. It just shocked us, considering how crazy they had been when we had seen them last. Anyway, we sat with them for a while and caught up on things that we had all been up to since we had last seen them about two months ago. We ended up drinking a fair bit and by the time our boat arrived, we were feeling pretty merry. On the boat, we sat on the top deck and enjoyed the view.


We arrived in Gili Meno and it was crazy. Once again, we used google offline maps to help us find our way to our accommodation. We booked to stay in a lumbung hut which were on the opposite side of the island to the pier. The island did not have any roads, just sand. After a little bit of a mission, we found where we were supposed to be.


Later in the evening, we decided to go for some food. We didn't consider the fact that the island didn't have lighting at night time and so, endured an interesting walk through the middle of the island. Luckily, Mel had her phone so that we could use the torch, otherwise I have no idea how we would have got back. That night at about 4am, we both woke up and were seriously not well 😷💩. At first, we thought it was the fact that we had both drank quite a bit the day before, but we soon came to realise that it must have been food poisoning. The next day was pouring with rain, which I guess wasn't too bad because we were both out of action for the entire day. It was pretty hard being so poorly in Gili Meno because there was nothing to take our mind off of things. We didn't have any wifi, so we couldn't even kill time by scrolling through rubbish on our phones, there was not a TV in the room and neither of us even had a book to read. At one point, Mel was that bad that she thought she needed some kind of medical help. Well there was no hope in Gili Meno of that. I felt really bad for her. For about two weeks, she hadn't been well, with one thing or another.

The next day, doing our best to make the most out of Gili Meno, we walked to the North of the Island and hired out some snorkelling gear. We swam out to the Meno Wall. This is a wall, under the water obviously which goes down for 22 meters with a sandy bottom. It is home to a plethora of crustaceans and a great spot for diving with plenty of reef fish to spot. We didn't get to see any turtles but we saw masses of huge and colourful fish. It was an amazing thing to see. After a while, we headed back to chill out, before going out again. Mel said that she still wasn't feeling 100%, so I ended up going back out alone and went for a bit more of a walk to explore the island. I got a few pictures too 😎🏝📸.


That night, we decided to find somewhere to have some food, which would hopefully perk us up a bit. We found a spot near by to our Accommodation where they were doing a BBQ and it had seats in small huts which looked out at the sun set. It was really nice. We had some fish (which was beautiful) and watched as the stars lit up the sky. It was a pretty cool moment.


The next day at 5am we got a boat back to Gili T. Finally, after what seemed like forever for both of us, Mel was feeling happy and healthy. Once we arrived in Gili T, we decided to head back to Manta, one final time to wait for our next boat to take us back to Bali. We both ordered a big breakfast baguette whilst we waited and then boarded our boat to Padangbai. On the boat, Mel overheard somebody mention that they were going to Canggu, which is where we were also headed, so she asked of their plans and if they wanted to share a taxi to lower the cost for the trip. The guy agreed and he also had two friends who came along, so the 90 minute taxi ride actually only ended up costing us (Me and Mel) about £10. We were so happy because we had decided to pay a little more for a nice hotel (Koa D surfer hotel). The hotel was great. It was in a good location near numerous beaches, it had its own pool and pool bar on the rooftop. The room was great, with lots of little extra thrills which we were ecstatic about. The hotel also included a really great breakfast which was another nice little touch.

I won't go in to what we did each minute of each day, but I will run over a few of the things we did over the next couple of days. We really explored Canggu a lot on foot. We walked around a lot. We spent quite a bit of the time on the roof of our hotel, enjoying some drinks, the sun and the pool. We also had a great view of the sky at nighttime.


I got my hair cut at one of the many barbers that they have. It was a really good cut for a bargain price. It was quite strange actually, he literally shaved my entire ears 🙉 I don't know what that was about. 😂 one of the days, we visited the famous Echo beach to watch some of the surfers. The weather wasn't great that day and so we didn't end up staying around for long. We also visited a few, near by restaurants. One was the Shady Shack. It was a nice place which served healthy food and was super focused on presentation. It was totally full and we had to stand to eat. When we had finished our food and drinks, we left and completely forgot to pay 🤔. Whoops. We didn't realise until a little while down the road, at which point, we may have slightly picked up the pace 😳🏃🏽.


Canggu was our last stop in Bali. We spent an entire month travelling around and found such a different variation of places. Our favourite spot was Gobleg. It was a tiny village in the middle of the island, between mountains and was ridiculously picturesque. Not many travellers stay here, perhaps because it is far out from the busy places and not very advertised in books or online. The fact that you only really see local people really adds to the beauty of the place. They are also, so kind and so interested to see people from anywhere other Bali.

Generally, Balinese people were very kind to us. They are always happy to help out and not just for something in return. The island is a very religious place and it is rare that you will stay somewhere that you won't hear a mosque at some point during the day. The food in Bali was very varied. Traditionally, the Balinese people eat all local produce, but in general, Bali has lots of different dishes to choose from. We certainly made the most of that.


In our opinion, one month was a really good amount of time to spend in Bali. We feel like we got to see enough in that time to say that we have experienced Bali's best bits. We would definitely recommend it to anyone & everyone. That being said, (in no way ungrateful for our experience) at this point in our trip, we can not wait to get ourselves out of Asia! We need some proper clothes and to be able to wash in water that actually cleans you.

Just a 4 hour flight, then a 9 hour layover and an 8 hour flight and our wishes will be granted. 😅😜 Bye Bye Bali! You were magical!

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