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So, Langkawi is amazing! We arrived around 5pm and got a taxi to our hostel. The taxi driver was strange. After agreeing a price, he drove out of the airport and pulled up to explained that he wasn't sure where the hostel was and so wanted to contact the hostel on the phone for directions. Now, Langkawi is not a huge place and we were staying at a well know hostel. The driver got himself in to a fluster and Mel had to ask him to calm down. We pretty much directed him there ourselves. Strange start.

Our hostel was located within a tiny village just next to a paddy field (field used to grow rice) the village was also home to a few chicken and rooster/s who were our Langkawi alarm clocks. It was a very small hostel which had about 12 beds throughout 3 rooms. One of those rooms being the hall way. We had seen some great reviews and so were quite excited about this one. It wasn't the most plush, with one shower and toilet to share and very poor wifi, but the atmosphere and friendly hosts make it what it is. Also, the air conditioning was pretty awesome amongst other things which means less mosquitos πŸ‘πŸΌ always a bonus.


We met one our host's (Irene & Sam) a Young couple. He was Malay and she was Italian. He loved fishing and she spent lots of time taking care of the hostel and cleaning. True to their stereotypes I suppose. Irene showed us around. We also met the guys who we were sharing our dorm room with (Luke & Liz) Luke was from Cornwall and Liz from Birmingham. We decided to go exploring the area & to pick up some basics from a supermarket we spotted on the way. The hostel had a communal kitchen area to use.

On our way to the shop, Mel was amazed by the path ways which were lifted from the tree roots which had obviously been planted before the paths had been laid. This is quite common in Malaysia, however, Langkawi was an exaggeration of the issue of bad planning. It just appears as though nobody thought about the tree roots and so they just laid a path without even thinking. It makes for an interesting walk down the street.


We stopped off en route to check out the beach. Well, it was epic! Better than we had imagined. The sand was white and the beach was clean with barely any tourists. There were a few nice bars playing up beat music and a few places selling different water sports. We also took a late night walk up the Main Street and found that there was lots going on. We fell totally in love with Langkawi and were quite gutted that we hadn't arranged to come here for longer, especially as we had been waiting around in Penang for 3/4 days.


Anyway, the next morning, we got up early and took our pale selves to the beach. We also did a small shop and Mel got a new bikini πŸ˜‰ Langkawi is a tax free island and so we decided to take advantage of the cheap drinks and relaxed back at the hostel, getting to know people. On the way, I decided to get my hair cut as it had got pretty long and the heat is irritating. I opted for a 1 all over, which is pretty different to my usual, but I was really pleased and I felt like my head could finally breath.


Later on, Irene took us to the night market, which was really good. We brought lots of little bits of local snacks which cost about 30 pence for a handful. We can't recall what they were exactly, but they were nice. 😊

The next day, we had planned another beach day but had got there and were not able to handle the heat. Not to mention, we were pretty sore from the previous day, So, in an ultimate fail of a plan, we ordered some cheeky beef burgers and decided to head back to the hostel to chill out.


In the evening, we decided to plan the next day. We were going to visit the cable cars and sky bridge in Langkawi where they also have a place called 7 wells. Which basically makes up waterfalls. Mel is very excited about visiting waterfalls. As the island is tax free, we decided to hire a car because it was about £30 for the day. Liz, the girl in our hostel was also going to be joining us. We also spoke with our other host (Sam) who was arranging an over night fishing trip for us. After booking the car, Sam told us that the trip would start at 1pm the next day and so we wouldn't have time to visit the sky bridge and seven wells. Luckily, we managed to get a refund on the car and decided to do that a different day so that we could take part in the fishing trip. The next morning, we got up, had breakfast. Mel made omelette :) with a few of the leftover bits we got from the night market. We set off for the fishing trip. There were about 12 of us. Mel was the only girl. We got a coach to Kuah, a city South of the island and everybody stopped off for snacks and drinks. And loo roll (essentials) 😊

We arrived at a small docking bay where we got a tail boat to our fishing spot for the day and night. It was pretty cool. We were really excited to see where we would be staying. It was a fishing spot which was floating in the middle of the sea. We each had our own rooms which were decent. Neil joined us of coarse. The place was pretty big. There were plenty of spots to fish and hammocks to chill on. There was also a bbq where we would cook any fish we caught, along with a kitchen to make dinner. It was boiling and everyone was sweltering. But the experience was one of those that will stay with you forever. We loved it!


After a few hours, most of us took to fishing in the shade as it wasn't really bearable. It was good fun, learning to fish. Mel had to get used to cutting squid up to put on the hooks, as well as live shrimp and a fish which we cut in to pieces. After about 4 hours, none of us had caught any fish accept Sam, he basically lived for it and knew the tricks. Not to mention, he was told the best spots. We put a bet down for who would catch the biggest fish. It was all good fun. For dinner, Sam cooked some noodles for everyone which he had bought from the hostel as they had been left behind by guests. We all had a few drinks and carried on fishing and just chatting. It was really therapeutic and the views were awesome, especially when the sun started to set.


I caught a fish, a decent sized one too. There were loads of big jellyfish around. One of the guys put some music on and we all just chilled out. A few of the guys were hungover and went to bed pretty early. Mel went for a power nap and asked me to wake her up at about 1am, but everyone had gone to bed at that point and I was pretty tired too, so I went to bed too. Sam stayed up to catch more fish. He was very determined to get the biggest one and managed to do so. We woke up pretty early around 6am. The view from our room window was so nice to wake up to. We slept with a lizard in the room, but didn't really care all too much as we were so tired. The room had a fan but it was pretty hot.


When we woke up, Sam had cooked some fish on the BBQ. We both had some and it was delicious!


Some locals arrived with breakfast for us. We had coconut rice with a chilli sauce over it. It was funny because none of us could eat it. It was so spicy and this is a normal dish for breakfast in Malaysia. It sure woke you up.

After fishing for a bit more, Mel caught a tiny fish. She was so pleased with herself, bless her❀️. Sam threw it back in the sea. A bit later, everybody was pretty much ready to head back, everyone was in the same clothes the whole time and had sweated in them, slept in them, wiped squid ink n juices over them, not showered and generally were minging. Sam wanted to fish some more and suggested that we go to a deserted island near by. Another tail boat came and took us to this island for an hour while Sam stayed at the fishing spot and carried on fishing. On the way, we stopped off at a cave and had a look at the bats in there. It was pretty impressive.


We were dropped off at the island and the boat drove off for an hour or so, we all went for a swim in the sea and investigated a bit, but the tide started to come in and there wasn't really anywhere for us to go, so we ended up standing on a small spot of sand and waiting for Sam to come and get us on the boat.


Sam arrived after a little while and had been trying to catch some barracuda fish but he hadn't had any luck. We drove around for a little bit, looking at the near by surrounding islands and Sam told us bits about them. After, we went back to the fishing spot, got our bits and headed back to the hostel. A shower has never been so satisfying. When we got back to the hostel, we also arrived back to fresh washing! Now this is something that you get very excited about when travelling! Fresh clothes are a luxury. It was a good feeling. πŸ‘

The next day, we were going to the cable cars and were meant to hire a car to get there, but we just didn't have the energy. We took a nice walk down the beach and sunbathed for a short time. The beach really was beautiful. Later, Irene had mentioned to Mel that she had some paints and that Mel was welcome to paint whatever she wanted, anywhere in the hostel. Mel spent the majority of the day painting a ying & yang sign in the kitchen and I chilled out in the hostel with the others. Irene and Sam had loads of alcohol left over and had asked me to get rid of it for them. So, being as kind as I am, I did them a favour. πŸ™Š


Mel made noodles for dinner and we packed our things together, ready to leave for Singapore, early the next morning.

Langkawi has been top of the places which we have visited so far. We just wish we could stay here for longer. It is a beautiful place with lovely people. Honestly, before this trip, neither of us had even heard of it. We are pleased that we listened to the locals in Kuala Lumpur and will definitely ask locals again in the future. We would both certainly come back here. It is ridiculously cheap and has a little bit of everything.

Until next time....

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